XF 2.2 Long time to post threads or replies?


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Hi folks,

I am still on 2.2.1 as I just haven't had time to update things due to some health issues (none life threatening thankfully)

Anyways over the past few weeks when submitting new threads or replying to threads after pressing the post thread or post reply button it takes 5 or 6 seconds for it to post. When you press the button the thinking or loading graphics appear on the screen for a few seconds... and then it finally posts.

I haven't changed anything on my system in awhile. My PHP version is 7.4.20.

I am now getting complaints about this, and I am not sure why its happening. Anything I should look for?

The rest of the site is running its normal zippy self, its only slow when posting or replying to a post.

The site is https://www.satelliteguys.us



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Has nothing to do with owning. It's a title and permissions. Just go to the source and ask! Find out what he wants to do and why. He may just want a title or he may want to do admin duties in acp or he may want to reorganize the whole place. You don't know until you ask and you can grant certain admin permissions without granting all. Just saying "I want to be an admin" tells me nothing.
I think you replied to the wrong thread. Or the Xenforo site is having issues, as I saw your post before about it possibly being the number os SQL connections. :D