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Browser issue Long img causes every other img to stop loading


Active member
Not sure if this is because I am using an older version of xenforo but someone posted this base64 url encoded image on my forum and it caused every other picture on the page to stop loading.


I can't seem to embed it here because it keeps saying to enter less than 10,000 characters.


Active member
Never mind, I deleted the element and the problem went away. But when I tried to revert to the previous version the problem disappeared, so it could just be a cloudflare bug.


XenForo developer
Staff member
If it's not caused by something like CloudFlare, I think this could be a browser quirk, possibly relating to DNS. The browser is generally responsible for determining which resources to load at a given moment and it really shouldn't block with one (possibly malformed) image, but it's not something we would strictly control.