XF 1.5 Logs still showing old vBulletin links after xenForo migration


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We successfully switched over to xenForo this weekend (yay!), and so far everything looks good. Only very weird thing I'm seeing is log lines from our old notifications system (AJAX show notifications in page title).

We've been switched for more than 3 days now, so I'm not sure how in the world they could still be getting called.

Basically every 10 seconds, I see this in the logs:

POST /ajax_notifications_in_title.php?do=get&t=xxxx

Referred by an old vBulletin showthread.php or content.php URL. All showthread.php and content.php URLs are already being redirected 301 to xenForo URLs.

The ajax notifications POST requests are all getting 404s, but I just don't even understand how/why it's still being requested so much.

Is there something I need to disable on the old forum? I already moved the entire directory out of public_html (into my home directory).

Is the old site still somehow running cron jobs and other stuff without being in public_html?

If the URL in the referrer doesn't work, then I'd guess it's someone who has left a tab open for a long time (I do this some times)...
Thanks @Mike - I'm now seeing 200's as well, so confused. It's nowhere to be found in public_html and if I try requesting it in browser or with curl, I get 404. Anyway, I think your theory is correct - looks like the same few IPs making the request.
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