Logo Size

I am in the process of creating a logo for my forthcoming new installation of xenForo. What logo size do you recommend? Also what is the best format to use for the logo with xenForo?


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I prefer using a .jpg image for my logo. My logo is 280px width by 110px height. One thing to consider is that in responsive view a larger logo like this will be too large on small displays. The XenForo code tries to scale logos for smaller screens but I have not found this to be effective. So what I do is use an add-on to remove the header in Responsive.

The logo XenForo uses is very nice and small and works great on mobile devices, but not many sites have such a short name.


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SVG! :) Check out our logo on high-res "retina" devices. You don't have to worry about a scalable vector graphic being blurry at all. Just edit your logo_block template with this:

<img src="@headerLogoPath" onerror="this.src='http://yoursite.com/style/xenforo/logo.png'">

so that in IE8 / Android 2.3 which don't support SVG, the png is served as fallback.