logo.og.png - how to change default image ?


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I just recommended my website via Facebook.

But now I do see this small XenForo-logo which is originating from the default XF-image named "logo.og.png".

I have now uploaded my custom image also named "logo.og.png" via FTP to my server into the folder /styles/default/xenforo , but it is still showing the defult XenForo-logo instead of my custom logo.

When I go to my website into "Members / Recent Activity", then at the Sidebar at "Facebook-Recommendations", it still shows the default XenForo logo.og.png image

What am I doing wrong ????


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Due to caching it can take several weeks for the image to update on the Facebook servers.

well, but I uploaded my custom logo.og.png via FTP to my server.
I did not upload this image to Facebook.

Sorry, I do not understand.....


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do I understand correctly that I need to upload my custom "logo.og.png" to my own server only ?
Or do I need to upload this image also at Facebook ?


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the location of this image should be editable in the admincp like we can do for the forum logo.
You can always change the path to the images which will avoid any of them being overwritten during an upgrade.
This really should be the case anyway for anyone who is using a custom style and/or images.