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Im running X.F1.5.7, All this while i have no problem with login. But now it look like it have cacheing problem. When i try to login seem it not let me in, there no said password wrong and etc, it just bring back to page with login page. Same do as Admin page.

Tried using private browsing, it do the same.

update: Let say i able login to admin menu, when i try to change setting it wont let me change, once i click on update, it just use default setting.


Tracy Perry

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yeah once i flash cludflare seem it be fine awhile. then it will chaching like no changes..
Then that is a cloudflare issue that you will need to resolve.
Direct from the CloudFlare site
The changes I made to my website aren't appearing:

If you're making changes to the static content CloudFlare caches on your site, including changes to JavaScript, CSS or images, it can be very easy to forget that you need to turn CloudFlare Development Mode on to bypass our cache so these changes appear immediately.If you forgot to turn on Development Mode when making the changes, you can always purge your CloudFlare cache to have these changes appear immediately. Just a reminder that by purging the cache for your website, there will be a performance impact for a couple of hours.

Tracy Perry

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i belive this happens with xenforo only, as my other board not having this issue altough im using cloudflare.
not that familiar with CloudFlare caching.. all I use them for is DNS.
But can't you make a special page rule to not use caching for /yoursite.com/admin.php?

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 7.20.11 AM.png

Also, if you are (by chance) using RocketLoad, disable it or you have to do several exclusions in it.
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Tracy Perry

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not sure if it's related or not, but you probably need to make a WWW DNS entry and then force your HTTP server to re-write all inbound WWW calls to the non-WWW site.

Tracy Perry

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Shouldn't be.. It's a "but just in case" deal if anyone tries to do www.yoursub.domain.com it will route them to the correct site.. odds of someone doing that aren't high, but it eliminates a possibility of them getting a site not found error and just going elsewhere.