login, logout and user update password ?


i want to overwrite xenforo function login, logout and user update password.

and i want to know xenforo class/method name. can you help me :oops:


Sorry for bad gramma :p


You liked a post of mine where I posted my own experiences with doing those first two things already:

Unless you mean from with xenforo itself? The way I've done it is external to Xenforo.

Though I am having one problem with what I put in that post. It's only logging me in if I use the remember me box. It doesn't see me as logged in when that box isn't ticked (the details still authorize but it just thinks I'm not logged in) :S. For the life of me I can't see what I'm doing differently from the core code.


Mind Map ::

Main Website <=> API <=> XenForo Forum


I make webmain site with CodeIgniter and user can signup from main web site only
when signup at main website is completed. user infomation will add to main site database and xenforo database.

Next step i want to make code when user login/logout at main web site will be login/logout at Xenforo.

and i want to overwrite xenforo login/logout method for send data if user login at Xenforo Board to login at main website.

and when update password at main website will update at xenforo.
when update password in xenforo will update password at mainsite.

I want to know about xenforo method name for coding.