XF 1.5 Logging out ACP


I'm getting logged out on almost every refresh - but this only effects me on my work computer which is a Windows 7 PC running Chrome. On my home computer running OSX/Safari or my iPhone I've had no issues with being logged out.

I've seen other posts that point to reverse proxy or maybe Sucuri? But shouldn't these be global effects and not isolated to a specific computer system?

Any ideas?
Just wanted to test something for you.

This error appears to also occur on this computer when using your DEMO site. Any ideas what might cause this? I am at a corporate office, presumably behind a firewall of some sort, would that be the issue? Would there be a way to open this up on the forum's end?

Are these messages here from your work computer?

My initial theory was that your IP is changing, which is effectively the reverse proxy issue. However, your IP is consistent between these messages. Beyond that, my only other theory is the cookie not being set (or received by the server) properly. This is something the firewall could cause issues with, but it's not something we could necessarily resolve.
Yes these are from my work computer. Note for this account I've logged in with my Twitter account. Using my email address/what I thought was my username gave me errors so I signed up with a Twitter account and that hasn't been a problem.
The thing is this issue was happening on my vBulletin install too (which was one of the main reasons I wanted to try Xenforo). I'm running a site with a Wordpress install so I don't know if this causes issues with cookies?

The puzzling thing though is that it doesn't happen when I'm on my home computer - which leads me to something that's more related to the work computer's network than the forum/server.

However - on the vBulliten site I have had other members report logout issues - which made me think that it was more wide spread than this network. All those which reported the issue though were running Windows 7 - which I thought was strange.
Additional info

Maybe this one is tied specifically to my works network. On my iPhone using their wifi I get the logout issues. On LTE I don't.

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