Logging In Not Working

I'm having an odd login problem. At first I noticed that when I tried to log into the admin CP, the login page would simply refresh back to the login form. If I then refreshed the page through my browser, the admin CP would appear. But if I didn't, I'd just get a blank login form again.

Then, a user told me that she was having trouble logging in. She said the page refreshed but she still wasn't logged in.

Something is awry. Any ideas?
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Chris D

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I've moved this to troubleshooting forum.

Do you have any sort of session caching enabled in your config.php?

Chris D

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I wasn't necessarily suggesting that you changed anything.

Basically, have you ever had any sort of caching enabled?

If no one has set the site up for you, and you have never added any code into config.php then basically that's not the cause :)

Aside from that, there could be a number of other causes. Do you have any errors logged in the Server Error Log in the Admin CP? Does it happen all of the time?


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Strange. I'm having the exact same problem today. I log into admin... it fades away and then comes right back up.

If I reload the page it appears.

Very strange that other people are having the exact same issue today.
I'm just gonna *ahem* step on in here and raise my hand as well. I just encountered the exact same problem and I'm not running the Scheduled Post add-on either. I started to panic a bit until I hit F5.

On that note, I've actually had to hit F5 a lot today to catch a few things up to speed. One moment, a private conversation message I send doesn't appear after returning to the conversation a minute later, and then after a quick cache clear, poof! it's there again. As if that wasn't enough, I check my alerts, mark them as read, and then return thirty minutes later to see the same alerts as before unread.

Very odd day today. No server error logs. o_O
I am having the same issues. ALl of the sudden I cant logg in at all. Members are also having this issue and have to refresh several times to see post

Tracy Perry

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Have you disabled the caching?
What caching mechanism are you using?
I have found on mine that sometimes I have to restart the PHP processor - and sometimes on occasion even memcached. I use the PHP opcode caching and then also memcached with caching enabled in the config.php and Fetch Templates as Files in the ACP.