Log out of a thread and you should be dumped... ...where?


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So as admin I am wanting to look at threads as admin and then as guest

I keep getting dumped back in the forum list view and have to navigate to get back to the thread I was looking at..

Is that normal?

In VB you get that message - "you will be returned to the page you were viewing"

Am I expreiencing a bug or a feature? :whistle:

Obviously my admin perspective isnt the traditional user one..

Any how

Looking for words of wisdom..


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well, I log out of a thread on Xenforo and get dumped back at the forum list (when I would rather remain on the same page, just logged out..)

But I might be missing that this is somehow better for the user experience..


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What do you mean by "log out of a thread"?

You can only log out of the forum.
In which case you will be returned to the forum index.


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I see what he's talking about.

When you're still logged in, while viewing a thread, and you decide to log out [on that very same thread]. You're not going back to the thread in question. You're going back to the forumhome.
Am I expreiencing a bug or a feature? :whistle:
Not a bug.


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yes - sorry - logging out while viewing a thread - leaves you somewhere else.

Not where you were..


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Recommending log in as user - very quick and convenient
- though I hope Jon added the warning box top right "You are viewing as [user]" for safety.

Also note you do need to enable admin to use this as a permission.