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Hi guys,

It's not a xenforo question, but I'd like some advice as most of you guys know more geekery than I can comprehend ;)

I'm in the planning stages of working on my own photography portfolio website and I'm living in Japan, so that throws up a few issues. I'm planning to have the site split into the Japanese language and also English. The content itself is probably going to be different and will offer different things in different languages so I'm wondering how is this best achieved in regards to SEO?

Is this the best route:
website.com (landing page)

I've been thinking about the following question:
  • A landing page that requires the user to chose the language they require, which bounces them to one of two specific wordpress installations. I'm not a fan of landing pages really I'd prefer the info to be more direct. Is this a good way to go?
  • OR A way to detect browser language setting and bounce the person to the correct wordpress site. If this is chosen, how does Google index the site and would the auto bounce have any implication on SEO. I'm gathering a landing page would still be needed to tell the browser how to move on anyway?
  • If you have two wordpress installations, how would you go about making a site map for the site? Is it even needed?
  • I've read that it's important to keep the language info in the head of the website. In this case, just change the Japanese wordpress one to help indexing?
Cheers guys!