Local xenforo


Is it possible to buy license for one year
and for the first 2-3 months install mysql and xenforo on
a personal laptop so I can do tests and configurations
so I could prepare xenforo for deployment on some hosting after
those few months of tests ?


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You can purchase the licence at any point. If you're not running it on a domain that shouldn't be an issue (you might even be able to put localhost in the URL).

Once the website goes live you are permitted to have 1 live website and 1 development installation. This dev install can be either on a webserver (but not publicly accessible ie password protected via htpasswd) or on localhost.


I was just curious if something like that eg having xenforo on some home pc without making it live-accessable is an option ,
or you really need to have already some hosting site rented on which you will deploy xenforo from the first day you purchase the licence.
I expected that licence starts from the first day no matter if its on some home test environment not accesable from the web or if its on accesable hosting site with live url.
Thanks to all for the replies.
So its possible to configure xenforo,mysqldb and home pc to simulate the environment of a hosting site ?
I would need to use localhost url in my browser ?
Do I need to cofigure IIS because I have win 10 on my laptop?
Could I create many different usernames or I can use just admin is such environment ?


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You would use something like XAMPP to do a local installation.
There is a guide available once you purchase a license.

A localhost installation would work exactly the same way as a production installation.