XF 1.4 Live name color changing?

Hey everyone I am wondering if there is a plugin for live name color changing?

For my top posters I know how to give them different perks etc.. but does anyone know how to get there name color changing like this? Please let me know this would mean a lot to me!

Thanks everyone for taking your time on reading this example down below!

Example: Of User name live color changing


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I'm not sure if there is an add-on to do that but one for names with different looks to them is [3.studIo] Custom Markup For User although I use an older version as newest update did not work.

I don't think it has live changes but you can add stylish to it and allow them to style it themselves.
Thanks for posting this!

I am going to check this out but does anyone have any other idea's for making this live feature work I want it for my top posters so once they hit it there name will have the live color changing and no edits are necessary for them just for the achievement