Add-on Live Feed Fix or Development (Digital Point Spy)


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Looking for a developer to either fix or develop a new DigitalPoint Spy (which stopped working for me).

If redeveloped, it needs to be updated for XF 1.5.x and I'd like to add some additional functionality.
If new development, add the following new functionality:
  • a user's local time and date stamp on the posts
  • permissions to view by group
  • ability to only display what a user has permission to see (i.e. if the user does not have permission to see a specific forum, or only moderators view reported posts, etc.)
  • have links open in new window
  • ability to pause the spy

Please contact me with your quotes. Thank you.
I figured out why it stopped working. There was a conflict between another add-on. I disabled that add-on and it started working again.
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