Little stumped... StackAlerts Bottom Left Alerts Not showing


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I'm working with a private client or else I would show a demo board... but what are some causes why the bottom left alerts wouldn't work? I'm debugging using my clients style and the default style.

Reply to my self in a different browser one chrome one firefox.

Default skin the alert box bottom left shows up fine...
Custom skin no alert box same method. I've even switched browsers to test with vice versa and it still appears on the default style in both browsers but not the custom skin.

xenforo_overlay.css isn't touched at all... are there some other places I could look that might possibly cause it not to show.

I'm not even seeing it in debug


Custom Skin:


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Scratch that... found it somehow an ID off the alerts link was missing causing the bottom left box to fail.

id="AlertsMenu_Counter" data-text="{xen:phrase you_have_x_new_alerts}">

For future reference if anyone else goes into it :D