Litespeed host recommendations please.


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Hi everyone

Can someone recommend a Litespeed hosting company please? Our forum used to be fairly busy but with facebook and whatsapp groups taking over the world we have slowed down a bit so I am looking for a cheaper option to keep us going. We are currently with Urljet who have been absolutely fantastic over the years, but sadly their prices are high and a bit too much for us as we now have limited income from the forum.

I don't think we need a vps as we're currently on Urljet's top shared option (Platinum)?
I need about 30 to 40gb space for a forum with 950k posts, averaging about 200 posts per day.

I'm not very good with all the technical jargon on servers but I know our forum ran much faster when we switched over to Litespeed so would like to stick with that if possible.

What sort of information do I need from my forum to determine what kind of server/hosting I need? I have no idea what sort of specs I should be aiming for.

I'm currently paying $49.50 a month so would like to drop that to about $25 to $35 if possible.

Thanks. :)
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