Other (Listing site template into xenforo)

"Latest bumps and latest posts become global. for all over the forum. So this way even random unexpected threads get seen by everyone not just only on the front page"

Basically we want all the information to be visible like this. but still allow linking and stuff to work (a integration, NOT an iframe!).

And finally, we want it so that preexisting and future listings are added to the listing thread, (under each category). For example.

Person registers to site - their account on the listings and xenforo are both one and the same so they dont have to make another account on xenforo forums. They make a listing with the listing button, and it creates their listing in the listings thread, under the category they listed it as (ie, minecraft). People who click the banner listing on the front page will be sent to that listing threaad, and people can post on it and whatnot.

We need someone who can make a template of our listing system site, as it is now that and a simple way to create/edit/comment on posts externally. Ask richardred15 on skype for more information.
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Just to clarify:
  • You want an account in XenForo to be created when a user registers on your main site
  • You want a thread to be created in XenForo when a listing is created on your main site
  • You want proper links so listings on your main site link to the XenForo thread
  • Your main site already handles the listing. XenForo aspect is only for simple discussion of listings
Would I be missing anything here?
Hold on, i need to edit this thread again. I don't need a addon, i just need a template of the full site i have right now, in xenforo. And finally a way to create/edit/comment on posts externally