As designed List users filter is still active for search users

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Mr Lucky

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I was hesitating about whther this is actually a bug or not, but I believe it is, especially from a usability point of view.

In ACP If you have a filter for list users it never clears itself.

So if,a bit later having forgotten all about the filter, you do a search for users , that filter is still there.

This makes no sense to me as the list and the search are totally different things, each with their own menu item.

Yopu might say people will notice the filter, but it certainly caught me out until I did a serach that knew should show results, but it was showing no results because there was still a filter active that I didn't notice.

The filter is not visible at all when doing a search, only after you get the reults and your eyes are immediately just drawn to No items matched your filter.

Chris D

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I think for the most part there is a net benefit to the filter remembering what you may have filtered the list on previously. Certainly if I wanted search for all users whose name contains "Mr" and perhaps I'd been conducting numerous searches with different criteria, there's definitely a net benefit to retaining the existing filter as it may be needed repeatedly.

Don't currently envisage a big case for change here and working as designed.

Mr Lucky

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OK, no big deal, but it did catch me out and wasted a bit of my time as it isn't obvious this would happen... it maybe my brain works in a different way.
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