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First of all happy Christmas to everyone... and I'm not expecting an answer for a few days ;)

All I'm looking to know is can user albums be put in some sort of list. Or can anyone suggest a way that they can be organised other than the default "lump" and browse it or lump it.
Can I place links to albums?
Can albums be listed in user orde or content order?

Chris D

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I'll reply now as I will surely forget between now and one or two... refreshments :)

I don't think there's much built in that will allow you to do what you're after.

You can make it so that the list of albums is the default landing page when you click the "Media" tab with the "Navigation Tab Action" option. This may help a bit.

When you're on that page, it will always be ordered by creation date, but you can choose different sort orders from the sort menu:


Outside of this you would need an add-on / custom development.


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Thanks for the reply. I can see that there is a way to navigate to a members album through members list and that might well be enough for now.

BTW I can't seem to find a step by step users guide for the gallery, so if I still can't find one by the end of the day I'll make one and upload it for the community. I know my members might struggle with the gallery as the majority of them are older ;)