Won't fix List item offset incorrect in AdminCP due to header...

Liam W

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This is rather annoying when editing add-ons...

When saving, it redirects back the page with the relevant list and most of the time it jumps to the listen item.

However, it places the list item at the top of the page, instead of underneath the header. This causes the list item to appear scrolled under the header, and scrolling is required to view it, which defeats the purpose of automatically scrolling to it...



XenForo developer
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This isn't something I'm going to attempt to change at this point. The general workaround involves changing HTML with margins and paddings. That's not something I think we can apply generally, especially in our scrollable divs. Said scrollable divs likely make life more difficult with a JS-based workaround as well (I have seen some oddities with scrolling to position within them like scrolling the page as well).