Fixed Links in the editor are clickable

Affected version
XF 2.0


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Links we make while editing a post are clickable, as in, you click on the link and it actually takes you somewhere.

This is both disconcerting and annoying when you are simply trying to edit your post.

Once you close the new browser window that opened after clicking the link, you can go back and you get the little menu hovering under the link allowing you to open, edit or unlink the link ...


... given that we actually get a nice "open link" menu option, actually opening the link when you click on it is redundant and should be disabled.


XenForo developer
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Is anyone still seeing this? We haven't had any reports beyond this and I never could reproduce it.


XenForo developer
Staff member
I've managed to reproduce this now. It appears to be specific to external links. Consider it fixed.