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One things that really bothers me is that New Comments are listed in the "New Media" Link

New Comments should not be in "New Media" because "Media" in the dictionary is classified as:

1. Any kind of data including graphics, images, audio and video, thoughtypically excluding raw text or executable code.

So having a new comment show up in the "New Media" is sort of confusing for members. Because it just shows(bumps) the same picture and theres no way to know if it is a new comment or a new uploaded images and thats why the images gets bumped up. Some people only want to see new comments or just new media

A solution that would fix this is to separate the New Media from the New Comments

I think 2 new links would be Perfect on the Media Navigation Sidebar

-Recent Comments
-Unviewed Comments

I think it would make members more active and easier in replying/viewing recent and new comments.

Here is a photo i made on paint:



Sorry the photos are from xenresources but i made it months ago.

-suggestion transfered from xenresources-
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