Implemented Link to last reply in previously read conversation message in popup menu

Steve F

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After reading a conversation message the link in the inbox popup links back to the beginning of the conversation. It would be nice if this linked to the actual message that was last posted in the conversation. Very rarely would one ever need to read the first message again especially when a conversation is many pages deep.

I have a tendency to read the conversation message from the alert but can't or don't want to reply right then so later revisit that link in the popup only to be taken to the beginning of conversation message then having to click on the last page so I can remember what was sent last.

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Steve F

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I also want to add this is much more hindersome on mobile (small screens) since there is no upper pagination causing users to scroll to the bottom for pagination.

Chris D

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Made some changes here. Notably, we simply just always link to the unread action of the conversation and let that figure out where you should land. This may not always be correct in some cases, but in the case you have described here, it ultimately means it will take you to the last page you read rather than the beginning and I think there's an overall net benefit to that.