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Link to directly edit post in plain text (ignore user setting)


Active member
Is there an url, one where you can append something like &plaintextedit so that it takes you directly to the plain text editor regardless of what the user setting may be (WYSIWYG or plain text)?


Active member
That's what I was afraid of, if I'm reading it right, I'll need a modification that will go directly into edit with the WYSIWYG without disabling it permanently.

Oh well, thanks

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
I find that the WYSIWYG editor hijacks the markup code in my posts if I open a post in that editor. So I often disable javascript on the page using noscript before editing a heavily formatted post. That disables the WYSIWYG editor temporarily for that post.

There really should be a user preference for this.