Add-on Link Dump Add On Needed


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I need a very simple addon that can be made into a widget, cached, and has the follow abilities...

Addon lets registered members (with permission) submit a link and a title for the link.

Link opens in a new window.

Link has a prefix next to it. (cool, awesome, stupid, etc)

Links can be Liked and disliked.

Links can be sorted by most liked, most disliked, and most clicked.

All links submitted must be approved by admin. Rejected links are deleted.

All clicks to each link are counted and displayed next to it. Example

"Pizza has a new weird topping!! 4435 clicks, 78 Likes, 40 Dislikes."

A font awesome icon for like/dislike will be used.

Should this appear as a node? Sure. It can. If you can make this use forum prefixes, that's even better.

Addon should be compatible with the widget framework, that way we can create a custom widget page for our homepage.

How will this work:
USER: User clicks the "SUBMIT LINK" button, chooses a prefix, enters a title and url, and clicks submit.

ADMIN: views the links in moderation, approves or rejects links, and can edit links/prefixes/titles as needed.