XF 1.5 Limit posting threads in a forum


(If you are support staff in this forum you dont have to read the below and waste your time.
I understood finally and updated this post at the bottom).

I know this is probably very basic and I need to sit and read, read and read about permissions.
Is there no videos explaining in a simple manner ?

I need to make the News and Announcement forum only postable by me OR to all Administrators.
I dont want others to post in this forum. I thought it was as simple as Allowing everything for me as Administrator while unclicking the "Allow new messages to be posted in this forum". But it wasnt.

I have been reading from below page but still dont make it:

Next I tried to keep the "Allow new messages to be posted in this forum" and Allowed administrator EVERYTHING green.
Then I went into the Forum Permissions and limited "registered" to start threads.

In this way I could post threads as Admin but registered could not. Then I thought I needed to do so to moderators too. After that I could not make threads as administrator anymore even though I only limited Moderator and Registered to Post threads.

I just dont EVER seem to learn/understand how to set permissions etc.
Sad I have to find the huge manual and sit down and read for....ever ?
I remember Brogan posted links to Documentation on the page I referred to.
Will start my education now then, see you next year or something... :ROFLMAO:

(Not meaning to be disrespectful, just that there is so many different things to delve into that
it gets overwhelming).

UPDATE: I went in and read about permissions and realized that a user can be part of more than one usergroup. I went in and checked myself and I was Firstly part of the "Registered" usergroup. I was only part of the "Administrator" usergroup secondary. Hmm, will try to change usergroup into only "Administrator". That worked !
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Thanks Brogan for letting me know.

I now realize that the smooth way is to have everyone in the "registered" usergroup to start with. To be allowed to do more in the forum I just add a secondary usergroup for a user.
When setting the permissions for my secondary usergroup "Administrator" everything starts with every box ticked in the grey Inherit (no) usergroup.
Then whatever more I want to Allow for the Administrator I just tick the green boxes. Everything get inherited from the registered usergroup.

Have I understood it correctly ?

I also see that I have Allowed the "Administrator" to do everything by ticking the green Allow at the top.
I should probably change that as described above ?



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Have I understood it correctly ?
Yes, that's correct.

I also see that I have Allowed the "Administrator" to do everything by ticking the green Allow at the top.
I should probably change that as described above ?
I suspect a lot of people do that as they want their administrator account to have full permissions but yes, only checking the permissions which aren't set elsewhere is sufficient, due to the cumulative permissions effect.