Add-on Limit BBCode usage by Usergroup

Arno Nühm

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I created a special [MOD]Text[/MOD] BBCode, so that this text gets more attention inside a thread. But it should be only used by Moderators, not by any user.

Is there any way to limit the BBCode usage by usergroup?



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I had a horrible example somewhere for a [mod] tag, but ended up throwing it away as the styling was horrible.
@Arno Nühm I actually found it.

There are 2 parts.
  • The XF addon part; which creates the template and style properties (please oh please replace the contents, it is an unusable colour).
  • The BBcode Manger XML bits.

The permission selection bits occur under "Parser permissions" "Editor button" under /admin.php?bbm-bbcodes when you edit a bbcode. You'll need to fix them up, as the direct mapping to user group ids will be nonsensical for your install.

The attached zip has the two xml bits for an example.