Lack of interest Like replaces Watch Resource

Mike Creuzer

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I kinda like this idea. I understand why it was separated out, but it probably could be done with a fairly simple add-on.


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I can't say I see an advantage to this, only a disadvantage by trying to conflate two things that are not necessarily equivalent. What benefit would this bring?


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some basic ideas without thinking them through:

- one system instead of two
- the author gets notified once someone "like watched" the resource
- my personal opinion is that the resources are a bit cluttered:
--> you can like a resource
--> you can rate a resource
--> you can watch a resource

From my point of view, it all comes down to a "great, lets keep in touch" relationship with the resource.

When I download a resource, I think I will also automatically watch it.
In case I don't want to install the resource but like its idea and maybe will later install it, I will watch it.
To give a "thanks, great idea" to the author even when I do not install it and dont even look at its code, I "like" the resource.

I wouldn't change the system now, it's just a basic idea - I haven't thought it through - to keep things simpler and more straight forward.