Partial fix Like overly unscrollable on Safari/Mobile

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When I click to see who liked a post from iPhone 7+ (IOS 11.2 b4 / Safari) the 1st page of the overly is scrollable but when I click on continue button to go to the next page the overly become unscrollable.

You can test the issue on this post.


Chris D

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This is potentially tricky as certainly one aspect of it is down to a long standing iOS bug (being able to scroll behind an overlay). Though the other aspect of it is that it seems to have miscalculated the overlay height in this case, so we'll look at that at least.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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This is really just an iOS quirk with regards to how it handles modal type windows. iOS is notoriously poor with these types of overlay issues, especially when it comes to scrolling issues. After trying a number of workarounds, the best one I found was to just disable the animation completely on iOS. So it should behave better when we roll that out here and for the next release.