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Like management issue


Well-known member
I can't find a way to search likes given by a user, any way to mass delete likes, any way to limit the number of likes a person can give to another person per day or limit number of global likes per day etc..

Someone can easily press like button in mass on some other user's posts and totally spoil the whole trophy system and likes system which will lead to discourage real quality posters who gained points by posting quality content.

One can say facebook also not limiting likes, but facebook does not count total likes of a person and show ratings of a person or award trophy points based on likes counts. But xenforo does so abusers find it worthy to abuse.

Even worst there is no way i can find where he abused likes or find all the likes he given and delete them.
So after such abuse the webmaster will go helpless. So its very easy to spoil a really good board with this simple trick.

Please add this feature asap.


Well-known member
Per the description of the forum, please limit your suggestions to one feature. You've suggested multiple, at least one that has been previously suggested.


Well-known member
Hi Jeremy, I am requesting a like management system to combat abusers. So gave a description.
Are you suggesting me to create multiple threads?