user management

In vb4 i had to give someone access to all users, even though he was managing a new Charta of the Gaming Forum.
I think i saw an XF addon a while ago that allowed me to separate users into sub groups that can be managed by a specific person.

I cannot find that addon anymore, maybe i was dreaming?


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I haven't heard of any addon that allows you to grant user management to only a subset of users if I'm honest. Could be mistaken though.
Thanks, that could have been it but not what i am looking for, i dislike the fact to take admin rights away after a few years or add more Admin so they can manage users, maybe there is XF way to handle this?


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You can set the permissions so that this admin can only manage users and nothing else but unfortunately you cannot specify the users/groups nor can you be any more granular with the permissions (ie only change certain fields) it's pretty much just the whole permission.

What will this user/admin be required to do?
It is an old guild board, with many games passed and users not showing up again, some do though for newer games or when their childs have grown up and they can play again kinda way and i would like to not have to go back and take away admin rights in the future for a game that is long gone (some games do stay for decades or get revived), this is my dilema and thats why i would prefer to have batches/groups where i can add Users too and give them an Admin ontop for a game i might not be able to play or observe without fearing his malware might kill my board.
Does this make any sense?


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I'm confused as to what rights you're giving these users to "admin" a game? Is each game a separate forum/node and you want to give certain users to manage posts in there?

I'm not sure what administration is going on here.
Game A has Userbase A.
There are different Member Forums and a Leadership Forum for A.
There is also a Leadership Forum for Game A that normal Members of A cannot access.
Leadership of A needs to be able to add/elevate/remove User rights to the Forums of A.

add Charta B, Charta C etc.

The problem here is that with each Charta i have to add more Admins and i was hopping for a better solution then with what i have in vb4.

and thanks for the replies james.