"Like" logo control on Facebook


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I don't know how your site is set up.
Is your "main URL" a XenForo page or a custom html/php page?

Try entering your main forum page, e.g. xenforo.com/community


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It's a good job really that I checked this, I was quite happy to wait for Facebook's caching to take up the slack.
But as you can imagine when the Linter returns that "Download" logo you see in my last post, it's worrying me now.
googlesyndication? I want to know where the hell that came from and why it's there. I'm not following the link that's for sure!

Anyways, in the meantime, the plot thickens:
My install is at: public_html/community/
The linter returns these results when http://www.mx5life.com/community is thrown at it...

(note where the "blank" image is pointing to: http://www.mx5life.com/cron.php?1298861083 - which returns a 404)

Titlemx5life Forums
Site URLhttp://mx5life.com/

Is absolutely spot on and returns the correct logo


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I went to your page - see screenshot
are you aware of this? If not, I suggest asking your host to scan your server for issues
I'm aware of it now, thank you. My first thoughts are Zone Alarm has thrown up a false/positive.
"...based on how long the site has been around" - Well, it's a new domain and a new site.
"security certificate" - I dont' employ SSL.

Nevertheless, I've this minute been in touch with the host and:

Chat Content:

Chris: [9:56:51 AM] Security Concern
[9:57:42 AM] Hi, I've been notified recently about a possible security concern on my server: please check this thread here on the XenForo developer's boards: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/like-logo-control-on-facebook.6712/page-2#post-169099
[9:57:59 AM] False positive maybe? Or a real threat? I'm very concerned...
Support: [10:01:38 AM] It does not look to real to me but you may want to upgrade your script to make sure
Chris: [10:03:21 AM] Ok, thank you. I'll get back to the developer's board and investigate further.


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If you manually change the logo.og.png image it will update on FaceBook, however if you upgrade later you probably overwrite the file. Add this .htaccess file in your styles/default/ folder:

RewriteEngine on

#Redirect XenForo facebook image to custom image.
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} ^.*xenforo/logo.og.png$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ facebook_logo.png [L,QSA]
Then place facebook_logo.png in /styles/default/ folder. Of course this only applies if you are using the default style, apache and mod_rewrite.


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Alternatively, you could just change your style image path and avoid any custom icons and images from being overwritten when upgrading.


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Thanks guys.
Usually I just do a repack minus the logo, the header logo and stuff and up it to the server, thus avoiding any possible overwrite.
The XF logo is still cached by FB, may take a while as we've discussed. I "think" it's been there from the very start. lol