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Mr. Goodie2Shoes

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Like Locker (version 1.0.0) - It’s a Like Button and a locker in one bottle that allows you to lock specified content.

This is a BBCode Add-on with which you can lock specified contents till the user hits the like button.

How does it work?
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This add-on is independent (i.e. it does not require KK's BBCode Manager)

After installing the add-on, go to AdminCP -> Options -> GoodForNothing Like Locker - Configuration
and set according to your needs.

To add the locker use the following...
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This is nice. There are possible to like a fan page istead of a topic? That would be nice.

Rho Delta

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Is this the resource where I can have a like box jump up on the main page and go away after like 10 seconds if they dont want to like the page?

Lone Wolf

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If I make a thread and require users to like my facebook page before the thread is viewable, what happens with users who are already member sof my facebook page? Can they automatically see the content or do they have to click like as well?

Do users have to be logged on to do this?


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@Markos yes, I will update this resource. I have to look into XenForo's structure so that I can create a better one without any errors. I don't have any time frame yet, but it should be done by November :D
Great. My forum is based by great content and i have many visitors from Facebook that they visit but rarely register. So a restrict content at least permit me to have more visits. :D

Thank you for the reply...i will wait. :)