Fixed Like bar in RTL not set properly!!

Affected version
XF 2.0 Beta 7

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Better to showthe issue by the pictures:

Here as you can see, the likes bar sentence is flipped and acting like LTR.

In the next picture I have add direction: inherit; in core_setup.less template which fixed the issue.



Hope to be fixed in the next versions.



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Obviously you guys can speak a bit better as to what's correct, but I'm not entirely positive that's a totally correct fix either.

TEST5, TEST4 and TEST3 are presumably 3 separate users (not 1 user with a long name). TEST5 normally being the first one in the list (in LTR). With inheriting the direction of the parent/page, that doesn't actually enforce isolation between individual names in the list, hence you see it written as "TEST5, TEST4, TEST3" despite these being separate people. If I'm correct, it should be closer to "TEST3, TEST4, TEST5".

Depending on how neutral and LTR characters are mixed here, you may get that semi-common weird order too.

It seems to me that the correct fix is to enforce independent directionality/isolation on a per name basis. I've done this now by removing the dir=auto on the wrapping element and applying <bdi> tags to the individual names that will be rendered within the phrase. This should keep the overriding phrase directionality and ensure that each name is isolated from each other. (In a browser that supports it -- Chrome or Firefox.)

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Hello Mike,

Sorry for not been a bit clear due the language differences. I made some picture to explain the issue in a clearer way (Hope so...).

As you can see here after I apply my own fix css code "Not sure if its the proper way or not"

Like Bar - RTL 03.png

And this one is before applyin the fix css code. (phrase flipped arownd, acting like LTR)

Like Bar - RTL 02.png

Here is another test before applying the fix css code. (When the 1st word is in Arabic, the phrase sequence is fine, but when that 1st word is in English it flipps it and act like and English phrase LTR)

Like Bar - RTL 01.png

Hope I explain it better to you now :X3: