Lightpod not working?

Ryan Kent

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It was my understanding that when images were added to posts through the "Upload a File" option, that Lightpod would handle the image attachment process. Part of that handling would make the images in threads click-able so users could see them full size in the Lightpod viewer.

I have one thread where I uploaded the images the same as I have always done but the images act just like static pics embedded in the thread. How can I get the images to display larger on click?


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From the FAQ:

Why don't images embedded from a URL appear in the lightbox?
The lightbox can only be triggered by an attached image. Once the lightbox has loaded, all images in the post (or page) will be displayed, including embedded images.

Embedded images will only click-zoom, unless there is an attached image somewhere on the post or page which can trigger the lightbox.

The images in the post you've linked to are all around 400px wide so they already fit within the post body width.