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Lightbox for own pages



I'm having a problem with the lightbox.

I want to show only images on a page, without the data-autor tag and without an avatar.
The problem is, that the xenforo lightbox needs AFAIK this 2 elements to work.

This is the output

mein inhalt<br />
<br />

	<a href="index.php?attachments/76864_127580040635277_100001498440286_168283_3945598_n-jpg.2/" target="_blank" class="LbTrigger"
		src="data/attachments/0/2-aae6515f7b3dbbb5245eac6fb154ebd4.jpg" alt="76864_127580040635277_100001498440286_168283_3945598_n.jpg"
		class="bbCodeImage LbImage"
		data-src="index.php?attachments/76864_127580040635277_100001498440286_168283_3945598_n-jpg.2/&amp;embedded=1" /></a>
I could place the avatar and the data-autor tag(?? is this the right word for this?:D ) BUT i don't want them on the page.

Anybody found an way to use the lightbox without them?