Ok i am intrigued by this type of forum i have vb currently
My question is when you buy a license through vb you are going to get updates until you move up to a new version so example i am in 4.x.x if i was to go to 5 then i would have to pay for a different licence
Your telling me after a year here that we need to keep paying 40 more bucks not sure why you would do that


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Purchasing a license provides 12 months of support and updates.
You can download any version released during that 12 months.

After the initial 12 months, should you want to download any new releases from that point on, you would need to purchase another 12 months of support and updates.

Steve F

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That to me is a deal breaker why would i want to come over to xenforno when what i got isnt doing this
vB had the exact same license renewal structure until version 4.

To aid in development and on going cost of it this current setup is the way to go. Expecting developers to work for free until they have a new version ready isn't very fruitful.

I am expecting exactly what i get out of my vb license plain and simple
Every software is different, expecting them to follow what your previous vendor had isn't ideal.


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Just to note, you don't have to pay the $40 every year if you don't want to. You could purchase XenForo (which includes 1 year of updates and support) and then not pay anything further until there is an update that you did feel you would like (such as a more major upgrade) and at that point you could pay the $40 (getting 1 year of updates and support from that point). If there are any critical security updates when you aren't in the support period, XenForo do release patches so you would still be covered for issues like this.

Chris D

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Conversely doing it the way we do means that major upgrades don't cost you any extra.

This means that when XF 2.0 is made available, if you're within your 12 months support and upgrades, you get that major version upgrade for free. If you're not, and you haven't already renewed, it's merely $40 for an additional 12 months.

As others have echoed, it isn't an on-going commitment. We recommend you always run the latest version to benefit from new features and bug fixes but if you choose not to renew your license, no problem. With that in mind, it's not $40 every year, it's $40 whenever your license isn't active and we release a version that you want/need. That could be every 12 months. It could be every 18 months. If you're only interested in major versions (e.g. 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0) then at the current rate of progression that could be $40 every 5-6 years.

If it's a deal breaker, that's unfortunate, but it's a model the majority of our customers like and not one we're looking to change in the near future.


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I looked it up.

VB5 costs $250 w/ lifetime upgrades but 1 month of ticket support.
XF costs $140 with 1 year of upgrades and ticket support.

Nearly 3 years of free upgrades are built into the initial cost of VB. It's not until year 5 you'll be spending more on XF upgrades. That is discounting the ticketing support to $0 value.

The modular pricing here gives consumers more options, and thus better, imo.