Library node


Nelson T.

I need someone to create a library node similar to Waindigo's. which ThemeHouse has decided it will not be updating.

It needs to allow attachments to the library articles.


Well-known member
So, just to be clear, you wish to add the features:
  • attachments to library articles
  • be able to sticky articles
into the TH add-on?

Nelson T.

Yes and No. I want to create a Library node like Jon's does, inside a forum.
I want to turn that node into a knowledge base, to hold articles, instead of having 20 or 30 stickies, which are annoying to users.
I want to be able to attach things to the articles, like photos, manuals, etc.
Let me show you Jon's settings. His mod really was of help to us:

upload_2016-3-4_18-6-32.png n star

You can start a library instead of a forum or page, and position it anywhere on the list of forums (nodes).
ThemesHouse decided not to maintain Jon's mod, and it is generating an annoying error.


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I can do that. Please contact me in private if you are willing to fund the developement for the add on.