LF Partner for gaming related community....


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Looking for a partner in establishing a gaming community. I know there's a ton of gaming communities out there however I'm looking for someone with passion in web development and gaming as well to collaberate our thoughts on how we can stick out.

Literally would be starting from ground zero.... coming up with the name, slogan, target market, among with everything else involved. Majority of my friends who I do game with have no desire in the web development area however would like to be involved in such a community.

What I can bring to the table:
XenForo License
Funds for a custom design
Ability to code the design fully for xenforo(myself)
Webhosting to get the project started.

What I would expect from you:
No financial backings ahead of time
Open creative mind to stick out from the rest
Design skills would be awesome(as I'm a coder :))
Time to help build the community from ground zero!

Gaming is my passion, and I love to interact with others through forum communities. I was a staff on clantemplates for almost 5 years(until it went down), as well as manage clanrad.com for about a year and a half(since then the clan has died off.).

I would like to apoligize ahead of time if this is out of place... figured off topic I can get away with quite a bit :), also if you have no interest in teaming up with me and just want to comment "what are you going to do different", or "that niche is tainted", I would politely ask you to just keep your comments to yourself :).

Looking forward to hearing from some of you hopefully* :), feel free to shoot me a PC.


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Good luck Russ! :)

I think it's a great idea to get some partners involved to share both the creative side and the administrative tasks. Makes for a much more consistent effort for support as 'shifts' can be run and work can be divided up. :D


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I would apply to help you out but I currently have a part time job which keeps me busy :'(.

Sucks to, seeing as I do design and love gaming :p.