Let videos being played by premium members only



I'm about to buy a license of XF. I'd like to know if it's possible to make videos uploaded by members being "playable" just for premium members.



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Felipo Antonoff

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This feature would be really interesting.

Including the feature of being able to create permission to release only the upload, but not view videos from other members, as it can be for a paid video Marketplace, where the creator can post and see their video, but cannot see from others only if have paid for it.

Do you intend to implement this feature in the future?


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Do you intend to implement this feature in the future?
To me it does not sound like a feature that would make it into XFMG Core; tough you can try open a suggestion thread here. But it is really easy to implement this (at least the permissions) via a (sub-)addon for XFMG.

P.S. but I have to add, that videos are not served via PHP (like images), so there is no secure permission check. In other words: If you know the full video URL (which is very long and cannot be guessed), you can watch/download it from anywhere without login.
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