XF 1.5 Let user upload files


I want to allow some of our users to upload files (like pdf files), and also for me to do videos.

What do I need to do this? Every time I click to add a file, it tells me to give the url (meaning I have to upload it).

That's not simple for my users... who have zero access to ftp.

It's a private forum so I'm not worried about spammers in this, but I want to make sure that any files that ARE uploaded, are for users in the proper groups to see only.

I saw the 'resources' add on... trying to buy makes me try to buy another full license, I just need that "IF" it's the right one.

And, I need to know, will it properly allow me to add / upload a video and/or files in a thread or do I have to create a whole new section for that as well?

(btw - other than the above, I love xenforo!)


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Files can be added to posts assuming the relevant permissions are set and the extension (pdf) is allowed in the options.

The ability to access attachments is also permission controlled.

Uploading and embedding/hosting videos on your server would require an add-on.
The Media Gallery add-on would allow that, although the videos would have to be uploaded to the gallery and could then be embedded in posts.