MG 2.2 Let users upload to existing album inside category?


I have a bunch of albums I've created that should let my forum members upload. However, every album has the permission `
Can add media items: Album owner only`

I have tried several combinations of attempting to allow any one of my users upload to these existing albums, including using the Rest API to change it, to no avail.
Is there a solution for this?
Still no luck (updated all my add-ons to latest as well)
This is my category structure if it matters? The Builds category is set as container only, and each child category is album-only. I get no privacy options when adding an album or attempting to edit an existing album

Apparently this is as designed.

It isn't possible to set album privacy permissions in categories.

It's only possible when creating a personal album outside the category,

Ah dang...ok. Probably no support on the horizon for such a thing I suppose? I have 400+ albums that would be nice to keep categorized + user-interactable instead of just flat uploaded
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