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Chris D

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Come and try the worst forum software one guy on Trustpilot ever used in his life.
Okay, so we don't sell pizza. If we did you can bet we’d do everything we could to make it the best you’ve ever had. Don't just take my word for it.


But what we do make is a great community platform which we provide excellent support for. And we aren't listed on Tripadvisor but we are listed on Trustpilot.

Unfortunately, not many people visit us on Trustpilot. We've never asked anyone to review us on Trustpilot before. In fact, often the only people who do review us on Trustpilot is that "one guy" who for whatever reason wasn't particularly happy.

So we'd like to reach out to you to ask - what do you think? Good, or bad, please let us know by clicking the link below:

So whether you love the software, hate the software, think we responded well to that one ticket you opened or you like the sound of @Kier's voice on his videos, please let us know on Trustpilot.

For a limited time, all good reviews will be rewarded with a hand-delivered, homemade pizza by @Kier direct to your door.

EDIT: Unfortunately the time-limited pizza offer has now expired. We are sorry you missed it but please let us know how much you love us anyway over at Trustpilot 🍕
Not open for further replies.