XF 2.2 Let guests pay an upgrade?


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Let guests pay an upgrade?

What could be the best strategy to let a guest pay an upgrade?

a) we send the visitor to paypal & co, wait for the answer, add an user, do an upgrade?
b) we add a user, send the visitor to paypal, wait for an answer, do the upgrade or delete the user?

a) seems to make more sense, but maybe b) is less work to do because it maybe needs only something like:

function send to paypal

=> extend to make an user

go on like normal with this user

=> answer from paypal

do upgrade

=> extend to tell the visitor his new data like username (=id), password = random, and a link to change his username.

or delete user.
There's an add-on that allows guests to pay when registering FYI.

Its a great addon and more than a few websites depend upon it, but unfortunately its not really supported.
The method used by this addon is good. Which is sort of method A that @Robert9 describes.
Yes, its a shame because the developer had various enhancements planned for the addon, which never manifested.
They popped in to reply to another one of their add-ons but disappeared again.

Hi everyone, still around all is okay thank you to everyone concerned. Had to take an extended hiatus for life reasons, sorry for the delay in support for our add-ons, we have not abandoned them. All of our add-ons will be updated within the next couple of weeks with long awaited features, bug fixes, compatibility with the latest XF + PHP versions. Thank you for all your support these last 5 years :)

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