Less page views with xenforo

I read on another thread that page views drop when moving to xenforo from vbulletin. Page views are important to me as I base my advertising rates on them. I was wondering if anyone could give me a rough percentage of what I could expect the drop to be?


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XenForo extensively uses overlays for things, which causes the reduction. Things such as profile pages, the contact form, etc used to count as page views due to the nature of other software. You could disable these features to increase your page views, if you do desire.

As for a number, I don't have one for you.


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There are numerous forces at work here!

Google is getting MUCH better at steering web searches directly to (or closer to) their end result. Mobile users tend to read fewer pages. XF is more efficient and quicker at searches and at delivery.......

Since all these things are happening on a time-based curve, it's impossible to assign an exact number to XF. However, my experience was about 20% in the beginning.

Sites should not be dependent on extra page views going forward, as the ideal (in googles eyes) is that people will read one or two pages (other than addicts).
Cheers for the replies. Craigiri, i'm not dependant on page views as such, but on my ratecard I do have 'anticipated' monthly impressions next to the price. I have contingency on this figure though so providing the page view drop isnt too much more than 20% I should be fine


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Keep in mind that, ideally, the actual value of your site and page views should increase with time because we are talking about one individual at time surfing. The same dude is not likely to click on more ads if they read 4 pages as opposed to three. It's about context and whether the product relates.

Page views on the web have been dirt cheap only because of the lack of "page view quality". As the value goes up due to better content and search, the price should climb up toward what they are really worth...

I've repeated this often - but when I placed advertisements pre-internet, the cost of getting an actual response (click through in today's terms) was from about $25 to $50. Contrast that with today where people expect something for 50 cents!

I had a client who advertised in national magazines. They told me in 1997 their cost per lead was $36.00

Adam Howard

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This is normal and it is a good thing.

Forum > Thread View > Read Tread > Post > Submit Post > Read Post = 3 page views

Because Read Thread, Post, Submit Post, and Read Post are all on the same page. Can even add in "edit post" and "submit edit", are also on the same page (so it would still be only 3 pages).

You're saving on bandwidth and page load by removing all those extra pages. Thus also saving on resources.

And for statistical (analytics) measurements, you're getting a more clearer view on exactly how many pages of real interest are actually being visited.

Because truthfully on other software, you really don't need the post page, submit page, edit page, and submit edit page to be factored in when you're comparing true SEO readings.

But for peace of mind, XenForo does keep internal user data of activity


You can also go into either one of those and change the date range, so you can technically even look up yearly as well or narrow it down to as small as today -vs- yesterday if you wish.