Lawsuit Ended - Celebration thread


Kier, Ashley, Mike, and us, customers should rejoice that the Lawsuit is finally over!
Kier said:
Be assured that the three of us remain absolutely committed to and involved in XenForo's present and future success, and expect to become more active in the community once again.

Viva la Xenforo!

That feeling...
Today, decided to log into xenforo and check the condition of the lawsuit. I haven't check up on xenforo since last year. Boy was I surprised to see an update only 21 hours ago. So, xenforo customers/users, what are your thoughts of the lawsuit being over?


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There's plenty of celebration threads - look around.

Licences which were active last June are being extended 255 days.
New licences are on huge discount from March 4.

See the Announcement by Kier at top of the forum list front page.


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Plus we have started a cause to bring back

  • Brogan
  • Ragtek
  • Michael Jackson
  • Rick Astley
  • vVv
  • Floris
  • Mark B.
Things are looking up!

As amazing coders as they wore, I don't think I'd want Ragtek and Floris back, they were some of the biggest sources of drama this board had ever seen while they were here and most certainly did not help the feelings with their constant leaving and returning.

Also Rick Astley never gave us up.



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I am just happy for Kier, Ashley and Mike. It must be a huge load off their mind. I know it was not only a burden on their wallets, but also on their health and their families. So proud of you guys for digging in and not giving up. Great work to Grace & Grace for a diligent and successful representing of the trio in this frivolous case against XF. Kudos to you all!