XF 2.0 Latest resources block-container on What's new page

Ovunc Dinc

Well-known member
Could you please check the Latest resources block-container on What's new page?
When I view the latest resources it looks like at below. I am not sure, maybe it is not a bug but users can see with together.
<span class="avatar-u1-s">X</span> and secondaryIconavatar


and what's new list...


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
We can't reproduce that here, but we did make changes today in core_avatar.less and in the Templater file.

Check if you have any outdated templates. If you did and you merged them, you might need to revert those changes.

It might also be worth re-downloading the RC1 package and re-uploading all of the files as there was an initial bug in the package that could be related.