Cannot reproduce Last seen info hidden on forum list even when settings are set to show activity

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Even if you enable your "Show your current activity" setting via control panel, it doesn't show every member's last seen info as "forum list" when they view the forum's index page. It's shown as "Last seen A moment ago" instead of "Last seen viewing forum list - A moment ago". It works fine when they view a thread though.

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I tested this with another member here and confirmed this.

Chris D

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I think I have occasionally spotted this, but I'm not certain what causes it.

I've just done a test myself and it appears to work as I'd expect, and shows "viewing forum list".

We'll look into it.

Chris D

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We've not been able to reproduce this since, and the current assumption is that users in this state were perhaps not viewing the forum list at all. Neither the RM or Media Gallery had implemented the processing of activity details, yet, but we added that recently.

If you happen to notice the issue again on your own site, try and find the user in the xf_session_activity table and let us know what is displayed there (it's this info which is processed for displaying). If you happen to notice it here, let us know ASAP and we'll see if we can do the same.