Duplicate Last Read for Personal Conversations


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I've searched for similar threads to this and found none. I even used Google.com with search terms to this suggestion, but no results, so here goes.

All that I ask is for a way MemberA will know if MemberB reads MemberA's latest personal conversation that MemberA sent MemberB.

memberC :sneaky:

eg. Inbox ( nav ) -> Conversation Info ( title ) -> last read: Member A/B


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I guess I used the word "personal" for my search on Google.com, that's why I couldn't find any of those threads.
Dammit! :( lol...

I just did a search again using xF built-in Search ( with keyword "personal conversation last read" ) and I found another one alone : click me, :whistle: ( used "titles only".. )
The weird thing is, I posted in that topic since February with no memory of it.. :oops: