Last Pre-Sale License Bought!



I have two licenses at the moment, for and
It is enough to get started, and we're looking forward to get busy with building communities this winter season.
Hopefully Santa gives me a license, or someone on my birthday in January, maybe Valentines in February .. but I am sure I will get a $140 license later this year, or some point in 2011. If not only to support the MAKs


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Gah! I thought I had a little more time... oh, well. I managed to pick up five licenses during the sale so that should keep me going for a while. ;)


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Let's just be satisfied that we all helped get XenForo off to a great start.

Whether you coded the platform, bought a license, provided images, gave suggestions and feedback, or just help spread the word (Thanks IB!), XenForo's Beta 1 is much more solid than the competition ever thought they'd be at this point.